I am dating a 20 year old guy and I'm 16 can I get some advice?

Well my boyfriend is 20 and I am 16 We have been together for 3 weeks and he makes me feel amazing as a woman not just in bed. I always smile around him and he left to Idaho for 6 days and will be back on the 21st. My 19 year old friend dated him for 4 years and is still in love with him and wants me to help them get back together she doesn't know him and I are together. Can I get some help because I also slept with him and I might be preggy (used protection it broke) Help?
Ok she and I have been friends for about 4 days I barley know her and thank you for the help people


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  • I suppose you could dance around the issue of helping your friend get back together with him for a while, and put it off, until he gets back. In the meantime, try buying a pregnancy test, and see if there even IS something to worry about there, first. When he gets back, you can talk about everything. You can talk about where you two stand relationship-wise. You can talk about whether or not you want to be public about it with your friends. If you're pregnant you REALLY need to talk about that, and if you're not, that's one less thing to worry about.

    Still, buy some time on that thing about hooking him and her up, before you tell her what's up. Buy a pregnancy test, and be sure. Talk things out with your guy, and then you can decide what to do about telling your friend. If you two stay together, you're going to have to tell her sooner or later anyway. If you're pregnant, you'll have things you need to tell other people one way or another.


    Don't worry about it too hard until you know there's something to worry about. Keep a cool head. Work this out as one item on a list, at a time. You can do this. Believe in yourself.

    Good luck.

    • Well then she's of little concern so far. I'd just ignore her. Or at least ignore her until your situation between you and your guy is resolved. By the way, have you been tested yet? If not, I suggest you get on that first.

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  • You're going to lose them both. Way to think that one through.

  • You should make clear to your 19 year old friend that you're with him already.

    It might hurt her but she needs to know the truth as well.


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  • You sound like an immature 16 year old. You need to wake up and walk through the right path... Ugh I'm not gonna preach but seriously, one you don't normally date your friends ex, two he can get in trouble since you're a minor but people don't give a sh*t about that, and three you might be "preggy" and you're only 16! Jeez!

  • take a pregnancy test asap, and he's involved too so fill him in. be very careful with your words, don't just blurt it out like WELP guess who may have a bun in the oven? haha

    and girl~ sleeping with your friends ex, especially a long time ex, is a big nooo, girl code (guy code also)

    if you knew she was still in love with him b4 you got together it makes it worse

    she deserves the truth from you if anything. better hear it from you then from someone else eventually, but the friendship probably won't last- prepare yourself for that

  • why would you date your friends ex? you need to tell her the truth but risk losing the friendship

  • how do you call that your friend? you just met her


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