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This guy and I have great chemistry.

We've been spending a lot of time together lately, although usually to study together, but we end up talking about everything and anything and just cracking jokes and flirting harmlessly too. He makes a special effort to even wait for me sometimes and walk me back to my dorm, even if its out of his way. He keeps saying how he likes to spend quality time with me, even if it means sacrificing his sleep. Recently he's been acting more cheerful than usual around me(he's usually more of a broody/reserved/overconfident kind of guy), and he said it was because we're becoming good friends and the 'walls between us are breaking'. He never used to touch me in any way, but now he's started doing playful stuff like stroking my hair, back, arm, drawing on my arm, and giving me hugs - he even carried my purse around for me the other day because it got too heavy for me. He also makes a conscious effort to look for me in a crowd, and when he finds me, he keeps staring at me until he catches my eye, and then asks me to come by and sit with him. Oh, and he's started making sexual innuendos too about his 'member'. One night while we were studying, he said 'I don't feel like studying...let's do something else.' (pause). So I asked him what he had in mind, and he joked about going off to another country for the night together and be back by morning...

Anyway, he's been making plans to watch different movies with me on different days. I really like him too, so how can we go further in this...flirting?


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  • You should start going out to dates now.

  • I was basically that guy with a girl I was crazy for for a very long time. We were best friends at one point. Basically everything you said, we did together and I REALLY thought that she was into me, but I was completely wrong and devastated. That guy is really into you, don't mess it up.


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