Why does he get jealous when I talk to other guys if he has a girlfriend?

I met this guy almost 9 months ago when he was on a break from his girlfriend. We had an instant connection and he pursued me for a while, but since I turned him down a couple times from doing more than just hanging out, he ended up getting back with his girlfriend whom he supposedly really loves.

It's been a couple months since they got back together, and we've never stopped talking (just as friends now). But recently he keeps getting VERY jealous and annoyed when another guy hits on/talks to me when I'm with him, or if he's around someone I am hooking up with. He also always wants me around and asks me to go to parties so that he can see me more often, flirts with me, and NEVER mentions her to me at all.

I'm not interested in a guy who is in a relationship, but my question is basically why is he so jealous if he is with her? Is it a male ego thing or something else?


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  • He is just going out with her because A.) That's all he can get. B.) He is using her to try to get you jealous. He still has feelings for you and probably not so much his girlfriend so that's why he gets jealous. No guy would get jealous over a girl he doesn't care about. By the way if you could answer my question I would appreciate it!

    Good luck!

  • It's just an ego thing. Most men want all the women in the world for themselves.


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