My body - I wouldn't blame him if he cheated.

I had my daughter 3 months ago, and I feel disgusted just looking at my body, the stretch marks are freaking horrible! It's so bad. I also gained some weight during my pregnancy and I haven't lost it all. I feel like one boob is suddenly a lot bigger than the other and I'm not breast feeding anymore. I really would not blame my husband if he cheated on me, I feel horrible for saying that but it's true, my body has changed SO much! What can I do to fix it when I don't even have time to go to the gym and the gym is not even going to fix these nasty stretch marks! :(


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  • Time fixes most things. Even stretch marks fade.

    One thing I want to say, there is never a valid excuse to cheat. If he cheats, he is in the wrong. Not you.

    Its only been 3 months since you gave birth. Its still baby steps (pardon the pun). Think about it, your body drastically changed over 8 months. You gave birth to a life, a life which you and your husband now love and care for. You will be incredibly busy raising your daughter, and you might have to temporarily sacrafice your figure for it, but its only temporary and it is most definitely worth it.

  • You should watch out for your diet, and try doing some work outs.

    Jogging around an hour every morning will help.

    • I eat healthy and I go out for maybe 2-3 hour walks with my daughter when possible. I usually carry her on me for extra weight.

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