How to make a move on a guy?

I know this question has been asked to death, but I want a fresh take. If a girl likes a guy, how can she approach him and let him know she's interested. Let's say that in situation a, they are in a group setting, yet don't have an opportunity to be alone. Situation B, alone, but doesn't know how to gauge interest. What would you recommend doing in each situation?


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  • Situation A; Pay him a non-romantic compliement; say he has good taste in books, or something like that, that won't get eeryone else in the group buzzing with gossip right away. If the guy is bright, he'll know what you really are saying.l

    Situation B: Ask him what he's reading, if applicable. This is a safe, neutral way to see if he will engage with you

    Or, if you want to do something bolder, ask him what he is thinking about right now This should get a laugh, and he'll know that it's a question asked by someone interested in him romantically.


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  • Situation A: They should just move close to each other, and you should try asking him some questions

    B: You should start the conversation. Make him comfortable. Compliment him on something he's wearing.

  • Depends on how forward you can be.

    If you want to be flirty, touch his arm and say "have you been working out lately"? etc..this is probably the most direct way (without saying "I like you").

    Then there's just out and saying "I like you"

    If you don't want to be straight out like that, just show him that you're in to him by continuing to talk to him by asking about him etc...if he likes it, and finds you attractive, he may ask you out. Remember, when talking to him, nothing personal right away...just talk to him about the weather, sports whatever you know wouldn't be personal (i.e. his last name etc..)


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  • Smile a lot,flirt,touch his arm a bit,be around him more,talk to him more etc


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