My boyfriend's older brother won't even acknowledge me.

Me and his brother have just gotten back together 6 months ago and the only time he's ever said a word to me is to scold me. Other than that he refuses to even look at me which I find extreamly weird. Even when we go out with the family to eat if I talk he doesn't aknowlage me as speaking he'll speak over me or eat his food. The one time in 6 months he even aknowlaged he.heard me speak he.didnt even speak to me he responded to his parents as if they made the satement. Me and his little brother were each others first an were.together for 3 1/2 years we broke up for 2 and then got back together we were very young and didn't know who we were before but now we live together and are talking about marriage. When we wee together before the brother was kind of like this to but they were all in the same house at the time. So sometimes he would scare me or steal my baked goods. I just want his brother to like me I don't understand why he's so passive with me is there anything I can do. Also.they aren't very close and never have been.


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  • 2 possibilities, and I'll let you figure out which applies 2 u.

    1- Older bro hates your Boyfriend and is showing Boyfriend this hate by dissing u

    2- Older bro is an ugly fat guy or computer nerd who has no GF, can't get laid, and is jealous of his bro so much that he tries to stop little bro from having a healthy relationship. This is not unusual in families where one kid is ugly. If your Boyfriend had any earlier GFs, ask him whether Big Bro was a d!ck then. If he says yes, your def. in situation 2.

    If little bro had no earlier GFs, then this is a problem between big and little bro. The only thing you can really do is ask little bro to have a chat with big bro about why big bro is dissing u.


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  • Lol I kinda did this with my little brother girlfriend, I did it because I didn't want to flirt with her or make her to comfortable around me sounds weird right? But it's better then me developing any feelings for you or checking you out when your technically my little bro's gf... It's a line we put up to make sure we don't cross the line... He probably thinks your pretty but knows nothing will come from this but bad stuff so it's better to avoid you then try to be friends...

  • You can't change a person's perspective about you.

    You should try talking to him, and see why he never acknowledges.


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