He is just not that into me, what should I do?

I met this guy on a trip with some friends, I was really upset that time since my ex broke up with me just a week before...on the trip I couldn't stop talking about my ex and this guy every now and then said something like don't worry you will find something better...

then when I get back to my current city where he is staying too he gets my number and ask me to go out with him but I refuse for 2 weeks when I finally do he kisses me in our first date and in our second he tells our mutual friends we are together, so he come up with this thing that he is my boyfriend but then he just don't stay close to me, don't text me how I am...we have a fight because he was flirting with a girl friend of ours in front of me and I say why did you do thta, he said it wasn't flirting, that he wasn't a bastanrd and he would never do that specially in front of me...then I tell him I am a virgin and he is OK, he said we didn't have to do it, that he didn't just like me for that, and we end up having sex, after that he rather be with his guy friends than me even though he knew it was my first time, the day before yesterday we had unprotected sex and I was upset and freaking out to think I could be pregnant, went to the dr to take the morning after pill...and him doesn't even ask me anything, don't text me...i think he decided to disappear...

why do I like this guy? why he doesn't feel like texting me...

he has to go back to his ciountry in 3 months but he could come bacjk if he liked me but I sm not in the picture...

should I agree with something like this because I like him even if he is not that into mea?


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  • Yikes, um well about the flirting. Some guys are very open to it, and basically do it for fun, even if they have a girlfriend. I know this because I met a guy like that and he led me on until I later on found out he had a girlfriend. He was flirting with me to have a good time and hang out on a mutual level. Of course I didn't know at the time but I know better now, that sometimes a guy flirting can be deceiving.

    As for the rest, just forget about him. He sounds very sketchy to me. If he liked you, he would want to be around you more, calling and texting every now and then, but nothing extreme cause then it may seem needy. But in my opinion, I would move on from him, forget about him and find someone else that will be there for you.

    • yeah but I do like him, I like to how he kisses and hugs me, I texted him he made me feel like sh*t lets see if he replies if not its over...

    • I know it sounds tough but you need to move on. He will just keep making you feel like sh*t, even if he like the way he kisses and hugs. You deserve better, you deserve to feel loved and be loved, to not be treating like sh*t. It just isn't right.

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  • no you shouldn't, move on. Plenty of other guys who will treat you how you want to be treated.

  • You should move on now. He doesn't like you at all.


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