How do I talk to my strict family about moving?

I've been living with my aunt, dad and his side of the family for almost a year now and I'm ready to leave again. The thing is they are Muslim, don't like the fact of me being on my own, and most of all I want to go back to a different state with not mother. By the way, my mother is American, not religous and doesn't live in an upscaled neighborhood like my father side of the family. So they hate the idea of me even living with her.

I'm tired of living under their supervision and I hate being treated like a child. They don't believe in me moving away until I'm married. The problem is... I do t want to be married and live ther lifestyle so I have to get away now since the proposals are coming more frequently. I wanna start my own life and want to move.

How should I talk to them without hurting their feelings? How do I convince them to let me go?

*My family is strict and I don't want to say something wrong because I don't know how they will react. They have really bad tempers.


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  • You can't convince people who have strong beliefs in tradition. You should just state your views and move out on your own volition.

    • True! Trying to convince them is like trying to get a brick wall to speak.

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  • Just sit them both down and with a very seerious look on your face explain to them that your GAY! When your father starts tearing his clothes and ranting like a Jew at a Baptism, tell em you were only joking and you've merely decided to move out. They'll probably buy ya a plane ticket.


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