What is ex playing at? He brought his new girlfriend to my home!


There was a guy I met 1.5 years ago and he instantly fell for me but cos of my life situ, I basically rejected him and instead formed a casual relationship with him telling him I didn't feel the same. He was a genuinly lovely guy. Fast forward 4 months and suddenly I was the one with feelings! So I took a leap of faith and told him. He flat our rejected me, wondering if it was my latest 'whim'. (I was unpredictable at that point in my life, wanting to move abroad etc)

From that moment we agreed to be friends, but for the next year he has been in and out of contact, especially when he met another girl and it broke down after a couple of weeks. He came running back to me asking for my advice. He also still brought many clients to me (I work as a therapist) and would escort them all for free (his time/petrol etc) just to help me out.

During this time, I have been very in love with him but since we are 'friends' neither of us have talked about each other together. One time he did try to kiss me but again I stopped him, fearful he was going to reject me again.

In Nov he came back on the scene strongly and started bringing clients again etc. I feel he had feelings for me and I feel he knew I had feelings for him. Then he suddenly disappeared. I saw via Facebook he got a new girlfriend.

For 5 months we've had no contact and I removed him from FB because its too painful to see him moved on. Out of the blue he contacted me one week ago asking how I was and telling me he has a new girlfriend. We chatted and he brought up that he'd been thinking of me and also that he appreciated me. He then mentioned bringing 3 clients the following week. I felt it was just an excuse to see me but I agreed. I sensed perhaps all was not right with the gf.

Well he brought the clients to me, except he forgot to mention that one of the clients would be his girlfriend! I was shocked, but I'm a good actress so I quickly covered my hurt and shock with fake laughs and banter.

After the therapy he asked me to give my predictions (I do tarot cards) on his and her relationship . Apparnetly she wanted to know. So I skirted around the issue as I felt sick at seeing 'them' and thier future. Instead I concentrated on other stuff.

After he left he messaged to say id left him with doubts about his relationship because he knows I saw things in the predictions that I didn't say. I tried to reassure him, but after much pushing from his part I said yes I don't feel they'll stay together. (which is true).

After this he told me I wasn't always right and got a bit funny with me.

I just do not understand the whole situation. Why on earth did this guy contact me? What is he playing at bringing his girlfriend to my home for a therapy without any warning (he told me all the names of those coming but no mention of her)!

She seemed lovely but its besides the point. Did he want to make me jealous or do any of you guys have another idea of why?



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  • He probably just wanted to get a reaction out of you, and that was a really crappy thing to do. I'd say he was holding complete disregard for your feelings and just wanted to throw the Girlfriend in your face. I wouldn't ever talk to the jerk again, unbelievable.


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  • Maybe I missed it but he's not your ex if you rejected him. And you should not have pulled away when he tried to kiss you. He had to move on.

    • Thanks for answering. I used 'ex' cos I wasn't sure what other word fit the situatoin. We spent 4 months together 4/5 times a week. So it was more than just a casual thing... I agree he had to move on. But why get in contact again -is it just games or feelings there do you think?

    • Not knowing everything, I'd say maybe he honestly thought you guys were just friends so now he is coming around as your friend. If you want him then tell him how you feel.

  • He really just want to make you jealous.


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  • you're a therapist asking us for advice? I feel sorry for your clients lol


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