Why do guys come back after your moved on?

I been with this guy over 4 years now and he got another girlfriend that's 18 when me and him are both in our late 20's. she sound just like me and she spent money on him and caused drama when he said so because she moved in with him a few weeks after knowing him. He den told her so many lies about us and she believe whatever he tells her. He told me to move on and he don't love me nor like me so I finally gave up after months of trying and calling and texting trying to make things right I finally moved him when he seen our pictures on Facebook of me and my boyfriend he immediately took action. My friends told me I kept making myself available was they correct? It seem like the more I kept texting amd contacting the more he was with her and did things to make me mad


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  • You should block your contacts with him. Don't give him any hope that he'll have another chance with you.


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