Should I or should I not?......

So me and my now ex were together over a year and were planning a future together. We started out best friends that were inseperable. And I made a promise to him that Id always be there for him during the anniversaries of his moms passing. We had a lot of problems that all started when his ex texted him saying she wanted him back; She lives hours away across the state. But he saw nothing wrong with having her around because he said she was like family to him. I later found out that he still has feelings for her. We were the on again off again couple and when we broke up he let her back into his life we argued and he deleted her. She was manipulative and a lier; I found that out after me and my ex got into a real bad fight and I asked her to help us get back together. I dropped all bitterness towards her and talked to her on a calm level and tried clearing the air so we could start over. The more me and her texted the more uneasy I became; she was lying about texts that I saw for myself and flipped out. So I told my ex hey there's something I need to show you its making me uneasy about her and a red flag came up. He looked through my phone pulled his phone out and texted her and flipped out on her. Well months past and me and him got into a fight and broke up but this time he didn't contact her we stayed friends and even tried dating again but that didn't work out so he broke it off with me. And said he just wanted to be friends because he loved me to much and didn't want to lose me completely. I didn't want to see him move on and me still be in love with him so we said our goodbyes which was a lot of arguing and very messy. During the goodbye he said he stopped loving me along time ago and that he'll never let another b**ch come btwen him and his family. And that I was a jealous and insecure; when I wasnt. He then drunk texts me weeks after not speaking to say he's happy I'm gone, cursed me out etc. and that he's got family back. He was always calling me a b**ch. But what I'm wanting to know after eveything that happend and the fact that he wants nothing to do with me should I still keep my promise I made? Truth and promises mean a lot to me.
Im still good with his grandma. I even got a little statue that I was going to give him on the anniversary but now I don't know what to do since its coming up?


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  • keeping your promises is good. but when you try to keep your promises and if someone gets uncomfortable to be around you, or he hates to be with you it's better to forget about those promises because we make promises in a relationship to make the other happy and comfortable. but when it doesn't happen it's time to forget about such promises.

    if you are still eager on keeping them you can text him reminding him about the promise and you are still willing to keep it. you can decide what to do after considering about his reply.

    • See thing is I didn't make the promise when we were dating I made it before when we were just friends... I am eager to keep it but knowing him he'll just cuss me out... I told him if anything happend to us and we stopped speaking I'd still check up on him during this time and go about my life afterwards; and he said no you won't you'll forget... Now he he can't stand me after everything

    • i see you are one of a kind admirable person. just let him know that you still remember the promise by a text or a call, then see what he says and react :)

  • Don't keep your promise. It's hard to tell that it will work out with him.

    • It's hard to tell that it will work out with him?

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