Trying to make long distance work but he's not feeling it.

So I met my guy almost 5 years ago, and we hit it off right away~ but I live in Asia and he lives in the states so we never made it clear as to if we were together or not. at first we emailed sent videos and pictures a lot then it all faded and we have been FB messaging back an forth all this time, we never seen each other ever since. Two months ago we finally met up for the second time after almost 5 years, I couldn't help the attraction eventho I wanted to wait...we had sex for the first time. After a day spent at the mall he wasn't all lovey dovey like I expected Because that's what happened 5 years ago~ he was all lovey dovey with me~

I went back to Asia the next day and there weren't a lot of messaging, or should I say "more" messaging since we are intimate now?

Anyways I went back to the states twice after that he wasn't in town, and didn't seemed too eager for me to go visit him so I stopped messaging him. Two weeks have gone by, he just said "hi pretty" to me on FB... So what do I do? Does he think of me as FWB? Or this could be something more if I try harder?
Both me and him travels a lot for work~ so our schedules don't really match, I can understand that but he also doesn't feel the need to tell me his travel schedule so we can make arrangements~ sad.


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  • Maybe he doesn't feel the same as he once did, I mean if I were him and someone flew over from so far away to spend time with me I'd probably love them even just for that gesture. The fact he isn't excited to see you again seems very odd to me, I'd do anything for such a person.

  • Just stop seeing him. You should just find another guy. It's not worth it with him.


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