Can I ever get my ex back?

First of hello

my ex-girlfriend left me about month and 2 weeks ago, I was a mess to start off with and found it hard to get myself together. She left me because I never put her first, we argued a lot but we also had some amazing time together, but the arguing was on and off all the time. we have a 10 month old baby together which we both love so much and she didn't want to keep going on way we was going. I see now (knowing it's a bit to late) where things went wrong and how could been there for her move, I was very selfish and put myself are baby and everyone first and not her. we talked and spent some time together with are baby for a little bit, but then she cut me off from seeing her, she told me not to bother calling or texting her about spending time with her (which I kinda understand as we had broken this relationship off) she doesn't stop me seeing my are baby. but I know now taking time to myself that I do want her, I do wanna be there for her more than ever, I hope this is not late off us because we do work so well together.

sometime I see a little hope in her eye that she still love me and is finding it hard as well, but then I think she probably doing just fine with out me and does not miss me.

i have pick myself up and being happy but I still can not get her off my mind nothing is the same with out her, I miss her so much, I would love if we would give me another try. I told her I would change ( not just for her but for myself and my baby) but I know we she think it's just words and I am doing stuff now to better myself and my life so I can be a better dad for my baby and person as I was very lazy when I was with her.

i want to know how any of you think I could work this out, to give me the chance to get her back in my life, promising to do her right.


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  • I believe that there is hope for you guys. It might not be right now, but you have to be patent with her, take the time to let her open up and trust you again. Right now she may not want to pursue anything with you because of previous actions. You two have a baby together an honestly she loved/liked you enough to have one with you, so that should tell you something, and she lets you into the babies life, like a good mother should. I see light. Why? because some women turn bitter and use the baby for pawn, Not to mention they keep the child away. Don't give up on her, take it slow :)

    Who knows just maybe she will open back up to you.


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  • There's hope but it seems that she doesn't want to do anything with you for now. Just wait for it.


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