Brief encounter with a stranger and now I've found him on a social network accidentally what's my next move?

Met him in January totally flirted and hit it off.

Never knew his name or any details. Randomly saw him last week on a social network site and can't believe I've found him.

Now how do I talk to him without seeming strange? I don't want to mention meeting him in case he doesn't remember me. I obv don't want to seem like I've stalked him either but I haven't its just a bizarre coincidence lol what to do?

Ideas? by the way he's totally private too!


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  • Just talk to him. That's the best way to create a connection.

  • Accidentally found him on a social network, huh? If you weren't a female, I'd actually believe you but you're all crazy psycho stalker killers.

    Maybe broadcast yourself so that he finds you somehow.

    • He came up a person I should friend, yes I know it's far fetched lol I can hardly believe it myself. How can I broadcast if he's private? So am I?

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