I sent my ex and an email? advice

I sent him an email stating basically I will always love him and and I can not forget him.I wished him success and luck in any new relationships he may be in. I just had to get that off my chest because I miss him still. By the way, he does not know if its me...


Please do not be critical of this...


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  • I did that once... now my current ex walks all over me.

    Give him space, it will be hard, but no contact what so ever. Some guys need their space to chill. Allow him to miss you, not know that when he comes back you will be waiting at the door. Live your life as if it were any other day. If he cares for you he will start to wonder and let him contact you. Some guys are strange you'd think that showing your love would bring him closer, but really it will push him off. Show him you can live without him, Guys find that attractive. strangely...

    • I sent the email anony...He probably will not even know its me..I did give him some clues.

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  • You should try to block all contacts with him. You will never be in another relationship success if you keep clinging to your ex.

    • I am not clinging on him...We have not spoken in years. I just wanted to get that off my chest.

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  • Please don't take offense,but saying "please don't be critical of this" is NOT going to secure you honest answers...instead...people will tell you what YOU want to hear.Making demands on what someone can and cannot say is not helpful at all to a situation or receiving advice.

    With that said,if I were in a similiar situation,I would not have sent the letter.Why?Because sending things like that DOESN'T really change the situation,and often times makes the dumpee look...desperate.I would have kept it to myself,and dealt with missing the heck out of him.He knew you loved him,cared about him,and felt strongly for him.HE KNOWS THIS. BUT...he still decided to end the relstionship anyway,which probably means your feelings are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy stronger than HIS.

    Also,he wasn't born yesterday girly.So as sure as you are alive,of COURSE he thinks or knows for sure that the email is from YOU.Let's be realistic here.Going back to what I just said,I wouldn't have sent it.Because what's even worse than already feeling terrible about the breakup,not receiving a response to hardcore honest feelings is even WORSE.

    But after looking at your responses here,I think you seriously need to move on.

    Breakups suck BIG time.But,the great thing is...in time...those hard feelings will diminish.You will meet someone else,and love again.

    Good luck

    • it has been 3 years,i think hr may have a hint but not for sure

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    • do here anyway.So what do you want me to say?"Yes it was good that you sent the letter.Hopefully you guys will get back together one day and be together forever." Fine.That's what I'm saying then.In fact,write him 10 more letters and find every social network he's on and express your love.There you go.

      As I said,I'm over this conversation.I'm off to answer other questions.

    • Girl bye! You said you were done like 5 times already.I am over you. I actually agreed with a lot of things you said. You are the problem because you are taking it tooooooooooooooo personal that I have my own opinion. Please get a life!

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