Starting to see my ex girlfriend again... its complicated........

Well,I moved to my hometown again to be with a old friend ways back. We dated for two years and, I started working at camp. Things started going down hill. She started acting weird and I figured she was cheating on me. Got into a big fight, I came back from work two weeks later and diddnt see her for the first two days... Then she dumped me. And I couldn't see her son, somone I love very much

either... told her I am moving.. we got together a few nights before I left. She was with somone... I was with somones.

I missed her, and I just had to move back to see if there was a chance.. And I'm back.. We started texting. A few weeks later we seen each other.. And lit up like a Christmas tree after a blackout.

Walked, held hands... kissed.. Then the next night I was with her.. Since we gone on one walk.. She wants to be friends with benefits. And the confuses her, and me... But we bolth love ...

The kisses are not friend kisses ya kno...

I won't be seeing her kid anytime soon... But

i want this to become a relationship again...

i just don't want us to get hurt again... Thankyou


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  • Tell her how much you've missed her and her son and how you want things to get back how it use to be. Clearly you two had something if you were together 2 years. She might be hurt deep down for you having moved, same with the boy.


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  • Don't get back into that relationship. She dumped you, and it will never be the same again.


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