My ex has given me mixed signals. What am I supposed to do?

My boyfriend and I dated for over 2 years. It ended because he moved away. He started dating his ex about 4 months after we broke up. They told each other 'I love you' within a couple of weeks. We met up recently and he still showed strong feelings for me. I found out he's going on holiday with her. I felt a little sad because we went on holiday a few months after we started dating too, and it's like he's repeating this with her now.

The last time I saw him he said 'if we're meant to be together, fate will bring us back together.' He knows I may move (for work) and be in the same city.

I've been NC with him for over a month now. I miss him and I know he misses me too. But I'm not there, and he can't deal with the distance. What do you think everyone? Help!


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  • He is dating someone else, but wants to keep you in reserve. If you're happy making someone a priority who considers you an option, then keep doing what you're doing.

    • Well, I am maintaining no contact. Is that the right thing to do? Is he with her just because I'm not there?

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    • Hence my theory that he's keeping you around as a back-up plan.

    • Definitely don't want to be a back up!

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  • Just remain in NC, and find a new guy. Don't ever get back with him.


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  • I think it's best if you gorget him


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