Boyfriend still keeps in contact with his ex for her to watch his dog.

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and for the most part have a great relationship. My concern from the beginning and our main battle has been his relationship with his ex. They were together 5 years and lived together. They were apart 3 years before he started dating me. After the split, at some point she started watching his dog(they got the dog when they were together)when he is out of town and still is involved when it comes to flea medicine, dog tags(has her name on tags) This causes them to talk and text which he says only concerns the dog. He swears their relationship is only about the dog and nothing more and I should understand and accept it. My place doesn't allow dogs so I can't offer to watch it and he is very protective over who watches his dog. He doesn't have kids so this is his baby. I am having a very difficult time. I thought by this point he would care more about my feelings and give up the situation with her, but instead he is angry that I expect him to do so and he feels he isn't doing anything wrong. Is this healthy for our relationship for him to insist on continuing or am I wrong?


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  • It's quite healthy. As long as their contacts are for the dog and he doesn't actually go to her house, everything's fine.

    • He goes to her house to drop off and pick up the dog...which he has his own key. Hmmmm

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