Why is she doing this?

Basically I fell for this really shy girl who showed huge signs of being interested back but nothing happened between us because of her shyness apart from us hanging out and believe me I tried everything. ( very long story) The thing is iv given up on her now and am trying to avoid her but she still acts like she likes me. i,e makes eye contact/ looks in my direction.. and is very nervous around me and freezes up. Why does she do this?. Doesn't she realize she is making life extremely awkward for both of us? Doesn't she realize that her shyness is the only thing stopping us from being together?


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  • It seems that she just value your friendship a lot but she can't really move things further.

    • Thats the thing. we are not even friends. That's why she first rejected me when I asked her out as she was really shy. She is just some girl who I met on a daily basis who flirted as a shy girl would. I just find it really selfish why a girl would flirt and still continue to do so if she is really shy and knows she won't be able to do naything about it. I can't be friends with her as she freezes up and acts very nervous when I approach her.

  • I used to be in love with a girl that was shy and so beautiful...then she got all confident, other guys started flirting with her and now she is a slag so :/

    • Im sorry to hear that. To be honest at her age she isn't likely to change.

    • yeah my advice to you is if you like her keep trying because what happened with me was she grew out of her shyness as she matured so more guys started talking to her and before you know it she is hooking up every other weekend and is with somebody who she apparently thinks is better and more compatible than you...even though its obvious she is just being used

    • Thanks. But this girl is above 20 and gets hit on by guys all the time but blows then off. She kinda friends zone's them. She is very good girl. Social but good. I'm not gonna keep trying. I was just wondering why she does what she does. If other guys hit on her she will blow him off abd stare at me lol

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