Getting her back?

About four months ago I broke up with my girlfriend because I said I wanted to focus on other things. And I just recently told her the real reason was because nobody wanted us together and they told me I didn't need her. That was the real reason. Anyway after the break up I ignored her and made her really sad because she was still sensative towards me and what I said, but I didn't know it. Now I want her back she won't open up to me but she she said it would be hard to even be friends. I don't know what to do can anyone help?


Most Helpful Girl

  • LOL!

    No girl in her right mind would get back with you after you dumped her because others told you to!

    Lesson learned - make your own decisions or don't tell people about them!

    • I totally agree ,u threw her away like trash,now you can't have her back..that was so mean

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  • you broke her heart. you have to make her trust you again.

  • ok honestly these girls telling you it is your fault are wrong. I have been through something similar. Just let her earn your trust again, it may take a while, but it will be worth it.


What Guys Said 1

  • You should just seek another girl. It would take decades before you can go back with her.


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