Is he going to come back? Or should I move on

My ex and I dated for 15 months we had a great relationship but we fought a lot about him not having a reliable job and not driving for the entire relationship we split up about 4 time and each time he came back and we tried us again he told me he never loved a women like how he loved me several times and talked about marriage planned a date and even future kids names .. The last blow out we had I really said some harsh things which I ended up apologizing for he accepted my apology but told me that he was hurt beyond repair and didn't want a relationship with me or anyone right now but he wanted to stay committed friends and come back once his life's on track and only to me he wanted to be with .. The day after he ignored me all day and posted he was in a relationship on Facebook when I asked him he took it off and said he isn't in a relationship and he isn't committing to anyone but himself and he also told me he still loves me but is no longer in love with me but can probably get the feelings back and it really hurt him to say that and he told me he wanted space and to keep his distance for awhile while he gets on track I said goodbye hopeful you will text me again and he said well I don't think I'll never speak to you again . He text me that night and told me he was home and asked what I was doing and I said I thought you wanted your space you said you don't want to talk anymore and he said oh yeah well I didn't mean anymore goodnight but I was sleeping and was afraid to reply in the am I now haven't heard from him in two day or seen him in a month I had to erase him from Facebook Because it broke my heart to see him where I can't have him I can't him back so bad and I don't know what to do
So now after 7 days without speaking he sends me a happy birthday text exactly at midnight told me he really wants to be with me but he wants to better himself first so him

And I can have a better relationship he said its not that I want to avoid contact with you I just feel it's best so I can focus on myself and get my life in order then I can focus on a relationship with you he told me to have faith and he was reassuring that it's going to be OK HELP please I'm losing my mind leave or stay?
Yeah so apparently he has a very nice way of making me think he wants to be with me by telling me he loves me and wants to he with me when he fixes his life because it was all a lie he moved on and is already dating someone else after he was telling me all this 9 days ago so upset I don't understand why guys do this & give mixed signals


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  • It's quite clear that he won't come back anymore. That hurt you dealt on him is already beyond repair.

    • Thanks I appreciate your feed back I just wish he would say it to me like that instead of I need my space at this moment in time until I get my sh*t together and my there is a possibility the feeling can come back.. I hate to wonder

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  • I think you just need to give him the space that he's asking for. if that's what he wants give it to him. guys have a tendency of detecting neediness in us and they can't stand it. of you give him space he'll either come running back with open arms or this gives you a chance to move on as well. don't think of him so much as a main priority. what will happen shall happen until then go out and have fun even if you don't feel like it.

    • I am trying to but I miss him so much already this is the first time in 15 months that I haven't talked to him Most we have gone without talking was tops 8 hour because I was on a flight we talked legit 24/7 and even when we fought we would make up and talk again I just wish he would give me a answer if he really is planning to come back after he get himself together or if he is moving on to someone else he told me that he doesn't believe that he will never talk to me again so It as good

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