People say I'm a rebound girl am I really? Please help

I'm fear we heading towards breakup. His ex is becoming a problem. When he get mad that's when he toss me the phone to talk to her. She hangs up but he don't allow me to call her back and he won't tell me where she stay . It's like he protecting her. He won't block her and he puts her on the reject calling list but takes her off a hour or sometimes minutes later. We stay together and I think he using me for money. He don't answer her calls a lot even though he do yell at her but its all fake. He been with his ex girlfriend 5 years. I moved out but I moved back in. He said he tired of his ex girlfriend texting and calling but he does nothing about it. People say I'm a rebound until the summer gets here because they always do this breaking up and getting back together. He don't want to post pictures of me on social sites he won't like them at all unless I ask him too. Our relationship status is on there but he deleted it from public newsfeed where you can only see it on his page. He don't want me discussing him on my tweets about anything unless we are playing. He won't block her number but he tells me he don't want her and she was just a sex buddy to him. When she calls he yells but make it seem fake because all I'm hearing is playful threats. He sometimes put her on the reject list when he home and take her off going to work but he send her a text message but he say he had a girlfriend only to show me but she knows we together he don't mention me in other arguments. I'm only 18 and he's 22 years old...people say regardless I'm a rebound girl. We been together since November. He blocked her in November but was still talking to her making it seem like he was into me. January he unblocked her and he told me he blocked her but she changed her number and started contacting him but she had the same phone number. He only tells me stuff when he get mad and let me read the messages but he deletes his responses. His friends talk to me but they treat me like I'm a young aged girl.


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  • You are seeing all these red flags, but you keep ignoring them. You know exactly what he's doing, you've said it yourself. You just don't want to admit it and lose him or somehow be wrong.

    Look at all the red flags:

    He lies to you and tells you he's blocked her

    He hides you and refuses to have you talk about him, and he will only like things if *you* ask him to. He's trying to hide his association with you

    He complains about the girl but does nothing!

    Him tossing the phone at you, is basically saying I don't want to deal with this problem and it is your responsibility. A guy who is stand up, one who cares for you, isn't going to do that

    You think he's using you for money. Does he have a job? Does he contribute financially in any way. He doesn't have to pay for everything, but you shouldn't be either.

    He deletes his responses to her!

    You know what to do, which is to break up with him. You deserve so much more than that.

    I wish you the best! I know you have the strength to do this!

    • But we stay together and been together 6 months

    • Yes, you've been together for 6 months of him treating you like this. How long you've been together really doesn't matter, what matters is if the relationship is healthy and helps you to be the best you can be. Does your relationship do that or does it drag you down?

      Choose to be happy.

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  • Yes, you're quite a rebound. He doesn't even acknowledge your relationship with seriousness. You're better off with another guy.


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  • you are a young aged girl and? you really need to get awy from this douche bag clown,he is playing u

  • Yes this guy is a complete jerk and you need to realize how awful he has been to you and think of if you stay then how much worse off you'll be than if you were with a better guy.


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