Meeting ex boyfriend after a break, what to do?

My boyfriend and I broke up 2 weeks ago, I initiated the break up then realized that it was a mistake. I tried to win him back, call and text and even went to his place. He said, he needed the break since I've done it 3 times already the 5 months we're together. See...he was unaffectionate and I feel like I'm more into him than he is to me. My self esteem crashed every time he ignores me in our relationship. I've done everything for him Because I love him. Anyway, he just contacted me yesterday and ask me for dinner since he's now ready to talk. I don't know what to expect. I'm really confuse if I really want him back since he rejected me when I wanted to work things out. I still feel for him but I know I will just put myself into deeper heartache if he's not willing to show me more affection. I don't want to settle for less. What should I do? Should I give it another shot or should I just let it go?


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  • I say "Let it go" Its a personality issue. He's just not the affectionate type. If that's what you need, then he's not gona fullfil that aspect of your relationship. The point that you have "dumped him" 3 times in the past 5 months shows him that you are not stable. A guy needs stability in a relationship, or else it becomes "just messing around"

    The only way this relationship will survive is if a) you forece yourself to become more secure and b) he forces himself to be more emotional.

    • I did let it go...thanks for your feedback but he told me he wanted to change for me. I said we can still have the break until we find out what we really want.

    • Thanks for the Best answer! I hope it works out for you... and he is able to change himself.

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  • Your making this hard on yourself.

    3 breakups in 5 months is ridiculous.

    Sure, it happens with couples, where they break p but realize what they really want and get back together. Once.

    And that's usually for actual long relationships.

    If this needs to keep happening you need to let it go. The fact that you try and get back with him every single time probably means your more about having a boyfriend than having him as your boyfriend

    • Come to think of're right. I care more about "having" a boyfriend than having him as a boyfriend. Thank you!

  • It's still best if you let it go. Even if you get back together, the relationship won't feel the same and you'll just end up being hurt by breaking up with him again.

  • I would not be with you even after first dump. 3 times in 5 months? I think you don't know what you want.


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