Why are my feelings so mixed up?

It has been one month since we broke up

3 weeks since we last had sex

2 weeks since we spoke

4 days since he moved

It was only a 3 month long relationship; we were very fast and lived like a married couple. He said at first he WaS scared of commitment. Our sex life wasn’t all that great we just got along fine, Because we did.

He HAS moved on. Sometimes I tell myself I did, some days I am happy other days sad, I get this sharp pain in my chest, like I am going crazy. Asking How could he do this to me?

Why would he moved and not speak to me?

Why did he promise he would see me before he left yet he didn’t?

I emailed saying how hurt I was and I did not deserve how he treated me one week ago, he did not reply, I expected that.

I guess he has forgotten me

I don’t care that we broke up, I don’t miss the relationship

I kept trying to reach him because I wanted him to tell me the truth that he used me and he never liked me so I can truly hurt and cry instead of him pretending

I am tired of this emotional roller coaster I just want to move on

I have a great job, I got a salary increment, I will be starting school in August, my relatives are visiting for one month as of Friday, my parents are well and I got a scholarship.

I have a great life. It’s my 1st heartbreak and I understand he was a liar we were not meant to be but why can’t my feelings

just go, I am tired of fighting? How can I eradicate this sh*t?


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  • The quickest way to move on is to just focus on your studies, and if you can, get a more quality guy.


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  • You need to realize all of this emotion is from yourself misinterpreting what his intentions were. You can't keep thinking about what happened its the past now. A lot of people have this problem with living in the past, your subconsciously giving yourself these bad feelings. Just be aware of them and they will go away. If your really that upset than throw away your pride for a day and flat out knock on his door and have a person to person conversation with him.

    • he moved away to another country, he did not give me a number I was trying to do that but he didnot allow me as if he could not have faced me. That's why I sent the email I guess the only thing to do is pretend I never happened and yes I am tired of living in the past

    • Then just don't. I've had many regrets and times I miss from the past but I've been aware its destroying my preset and future. Just stay aware that there are other guys (better guys) waiting for you out there and enjoy what you got.

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  • Hun. hun calm down. You need to focus more on YOUR life than what he is doing with his. I know your hurting from this, but he's gone. By you still thinking of him your only letting your emotions get the better of you. You seem like a smart and mature girl, why are you letting this obvious jerk destroy your mind? Don't you know that there's so many people in the world?

    Why you are sitting here upset he is somewhere not caring. Its harsh but true. Live your life and forgive yourself for your mistakes. In the future you will meet a nice man who will actually give a damn about you. ;) Trust me.

    Focus on you and what you have to do with your life.



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