Am I the reason I am still single

I'm 19, have never had a boyfriend, and freeze up whenever someone I like looks at me..I can't seem to get it together and its really depressing me... I always tell myself that I'm going to show this guy in my class that I like him but today when he was staring at me I didn't look back at him cause I got nervous. I know I'm pretty and look good cause I get a lot of looks from guys... But it's never worked out to the point where we both want to be together and I'm just scared that I'm just going to be alone forever cause I don't want to settle for a douche who won't treat me right either


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  • In order to form a relationship, you must, yes must take a risk (of rejection). You look in the mirror and because you know yourself, you see a person that almost anyone could love. But unless you begin to reveal your soul to someone, all they can see is a plain brown wrapper.

    For some reason, you're staying safe under wraps and you're not willing to risk rejection. Why?

    • I think I've really gotten accustomed to just being alone in my room and I was recently rejected by my best friend and I feel that I might need alcohol to not be so shy

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  • While you do have to be careful of who you trust, if you never trust anyone it won't be much better.

    If a guy talks to you and you don't say much back, smile or seem to get into the conversation he will think that you don't like him.

    You have two choices

    1) Allow your shyness to control you and stay single for a while

    2) Fighting past your shyness, and showing your interest in a guy even though you are nervous.

    Choice 2 will get you more dates.

  • not really, since you are a girl, you are allowed to be passive, unfortuneately, if us guys are passive, we can't expect to get a girlfriend

  • Yes, you're the reason because you're not showing interest at all.


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