Is it possible for two people to stay together when one goes off to college and the other is left behind?

Say, if your in a relationship with a senior that's going off to college, but your still a junior in high school, do yyou think the relationship will get broken off? Also, the college is not far away but my partner has cheated before so is it possible that he will break it off or cheat on me more when he goes off to college where I can't watch him?


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  • Yes, it's quite possible as long as trust and communication is established.


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  • Keeping a relationship through this kind of transitions is one of the most difficult. When I graduated high school, I can only think of one or 2 people maintaining their "high school sweethearts" through college out of a class of over 100. This isn't even taking into account that he's been unfaithful before.

    I think it depends on what he thinks. Have you had this discussion already? Has he promised he wants to try to make your relationship work? Has he promised to not cheat again?

    If those aren't talks you've already had, start there. It's not impossible, but if you're already worried about this and he's not even gone yet, this isn't a good start.


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