Have you gone back to a girl after "cold feet"?

Have you ever met a sweet, beautiful girl but at the wrong time? My ex met me when he was too young, and got cold feet when things were reaching close to a year mark. He said he has never been in a serious relationship, and never saw us ending, and that scared him a lot!

We had to see each other everyday since the breakup. He loved me still for 6 months after the breakup...but then got mad at all the "back and forth" and just ended it forever.

I think he hates me for trying so hard after the breakup. I think my tears have scarred him away from me.

Do guys go back to girls they got cold feet with, or would they much rather find a new one?


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  • No never gone back to her. I never go back to my exes.

  • Never done that. I'd rather find a new girl.


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