Why is my ex boyfriend texting me?

I went out sat night annd my ex(of 5 years and 2 kids) text me till 3 in the morning even though he had to work early. this is just one of his many mixed signals that makes me think wtf does he want lol we are always flirty when we talk to ... and I should mention he has a girlfriend if you want more details just ask
Opps couldn't type it all below. So I text him sayng I was fine my phone diea he told mw it was good talking because he has never seen or heard me like that . The. Next morning I said sorry for my drunkin text and he said it was fun to talk to me. We talked all that day to till 11 pm and now o haven't heard from him since almost a week


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  • It seems that he just want to reconnect.


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  • Too little details to properly answer this question...

    • What kind of details do you need? There has been a lot of mixed signal this is just the most recent That night he text me he said can you carve my thumb(I'm an esthetician) and I was like what and ge was like are you wasted? And I was like maybe a little and he was like what really? And then he would just text like *say spaghetti* or some random symbol if I didn't text back at the end of the night my phine does and o got texts when I got home saying *oh no are you ok*

    • The second part of this is above I couldn't fit it all in the comment. But I just got a text from him asking if I gave up playing in a game we play ... like they just seem like random texts

    • Whatever.maybe he just wants to talk.

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