Been broken up for 3-5 years but she's crazy and we can't talk?

Weve been split up for something like that but we still can't talk. we both were young but to put it simple she was crazy (which in the end put me into depression and made me out to be the crazy ex go figure lol, I did some stupid sh*t), neither of us were perfect but I did the best I could under the circumstances without going into detail.

weve tried talking a couple of times over Facebook but she ends up blocking me then unblocking me sometime later. its beginning to amuse me the way she does it and reminds me of how she was and the games she played while together.

i'm in a relationship now and happier then I've ever been which makes me laugh because from what I've heard she can't find a man, this is what her sister told my girlfriend, why would someone say that especially to my girlfriend lol (maybe something to do with her daddy issues lol sorry had to chuck that in).

I don't wanna get back together but It would be nice just to talk to her again, without all the drama she brings which seems to be so much trouble at times.

this was someone I cared a lot about once upon a time and probably do in some way but knowing full well it could never work.


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  • It seems that she's so much concerned about the break up or the cause of your breakup is so hurtful.


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