What's up with this guy?

Basically, this guy won't let me move on even though he already has with another girl. Every time I think I'm over him, he swoops right back into my life. Why won't he let me move on?


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  • Let you move on? he's not holding a gun to your head, stop letting him back in your life, I use to let my ex do this but then I stopped by simply moving on and finding someone else, he keeps coming back around because you let him , don't allow for him to think he can keep leaving and coming back into your life, you allow for him to do it so he does it, cut all contact with him , he has a girlfriend and obviously doesn't respect her , what makes you think hell respect you. Give this sucker clown the boot for good. To the left to the leftttt

    • If you are having sexual relations that could be the problem. Let him go. Delete his number or chang yours...anything to forget him

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    • i mean yeah pretty much, my older sister said a guy will do what you allow him to do to you, if you allow for him to come in and out your life then he's gonna do that, your life is not a revolving door, he can't choose when he wants to be in your life and when he doesn't, either stay in or out, you want to keep moving forward in your life , by seeing him and allowing for him to do this your setting youself back in your love life, your not progressing.

    • Everything you saying is true, but if only it was that easy. Anyways, I'm ready to do the impossible.

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  • He's manipulative and controlling. Just move on and find another guy.

    • I'll move on, but I'm done with guys for now. Every time I meet a new one, the same things happens.

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  • He wants 2 girlfriends is my guess


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