I know he's interested. Now what?

We are both from the same city originally but he left for college a few years ago. He has since graduated, moved home, and moved back away. We have known each other since elementary school and have had an on again off again friends with benefits relationship. He told me how he felt and I have told him how I felt over the last few months. We talk daily and have met up in the middle of our two homes once since he moved in December. He has told me that he considered staying here for me before he left this last time, but wasn't sure how I felt at the time. We have talked about being together and what ifs about every scenario whether he moves back or not. I just feel like I am putting my life on hold for him when he has all the power. I'm not very interested in long distance dating, but am willing to give it a chance. He just hasn't make a move to define our relationship. I am currently in graduate school so it isn't an option for me to move for at least another year. I want to know if there's anything I can do to move forward with him, or if there is any blatant sign that I am missing as to why it's at such a standstill.


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  • You should try to flirt with him, and try to go out to dates.


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  • Its simple:

    If a person is not putting in the time,energy or effort to make sure YOU are theirs,it because you are not a priority to them.If he was SERIOUS about you,he would have made sure you were taken off the market already.So YOU actually have the POWER...over your own future that is.Either you continue waiting in the wings for him,or wise up and move on to someone who will MAKE things happen.

    Good luck.


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