taking it slow with ex, am i just being used for sex or does he like me?

Hi so I am starting to see ex boyfriend again.

Im the one who broke up with him, sadly it took me loosing something to realize what a great thing I had

We had a talk and he wants to take it slow and see where it goes.

We have hung out three times so far and recently we both got drunk and he kissed me.

He tried to sleep with me and I said I wasn't comfortable with it so we kissed and went to sleep.

Next morning we did kiss again and hugged in bed but at breakfast we didn't talk and when he walked me to my car I didn't get a goodbye kiss.

Im worry that its all one sided, and that I am wasting my time chasing after a guy who isn't interested in me.

Im not a very patient person so this is really hard for me.

Also I worry that maybe he regrets kissing me while we were drunk.

I plan to see him tomorow,and I want to ask where I stand with him ,if the affection is one sided or not.

If it isn't one sided I would like to ask if he would consider not seeing other girls (thats if he is). Id like a small commitment , doesn't have to boyfriend and girlfriend just something that proves he likes me still.

Any advice on the above. You can probably tell I'm a worrier.



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  • For starters,why did you break up with him in the first place?

    When a couple gets back together after a breakup,its a completely different relationship.The old one has died,and behold there is a new and delicate relationship that needs to be nurtured and taken slowly.

    With that said,who kisses who,hugs what etc is almost irrelevant.If your relationship is going down the same road as before,or has potential to do so...then that's the larger problem.Kudos for you for not sleeping with him,and I don't think you should under the circumstances until you feel ready.Communication is totally key every step of the way here.

    All of your concerns expressed above is part of the reason I am against couples getting back together because a power struggle ensues.There's always unsure feelings,worrying,anxiety etc.The relationship is tarnished.(I'm not saying yours is,but...ya know). Just communicate with him instead of worrying yourself.

    • we broke up because I though I was over him, but it was just fear of rejection so I ended it.

      Big mistake.

      I don't want to be pushy but I feel like I should ask him tomorow if this is one sided and if not he would be willing to commit to just seeing me for the time being.

    • Yeah,talk to him.

    • thanks:)

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  • It seems that he still likes you.


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  • he might be confused like you are


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