Honestly don't know what to say or do!?

Too cut a long story short I was with my ex for 7 months but had known him for about a year and a half, we were perfect for each other, but we started to argue more and we had a little break hen things were back to normal, but a week lager he told me he wasn't happy wih the relationship he said I had done nothing wrong and that he still loved me but he relationship wasn't right, he still wants to talk to me and see me, but he said were both single and could what we like wuth other people but the thing is I don't want to even talk to another boy but I think he'll do stuff with other girls, I'm only sticking around because I love him to pieces and not ready to loose him at all! it'd kill me to see him with someone else, how can I show him that I actually can make him happy and that I am right for him? Its killing me to not be able to see him like I used to and just be with him:'(


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  • He can't appreciate your value, if you stay and let him mop the floor with you.


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