He's just trying to test me?

so my ex keep telling me he wants me back so one day we saw each other on the road and he mentioned it again so I asked him why does he wants me and he said he doesn't know so I said that's just stupid he want me back but yet wen I'm around you You always try to make me jealous wen you flirting with other girls and then he tried kissing me and he said he wil do anything so that my boyfriend and I break up..

i just felt like writing this I just needed to let it out but if you have anything to say please do


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What Guys Said 1

  • You should tell your boyfriend to beat his stupid ass. He's a manipulative ****.

    • my boyfriend isn't the fighting type and he would tell me that I'm the one that keep talking to my ex that's why he's doing it

    • He might be right. Stop talking to him. If you cannot stop talking to him then beat him yourself. If you refuse due to pacifism then put your hand up and say "STOP! YOU ARE A FUTURE RAPIST!" really loudly. He will let you be. If that fails you will have to shoot him and put him down like the retarded puppy he is. It's for his good.

What Girls Said 1

  • he sounds like a douche bag,he doesn't really want you but he wants to make sure nobody else does either,stay away from his trifling ass


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