Ladies, did I make a mistake by dating when I wanted my ex back

My ex girlfriend dumped me months ago, she said she still wanted to remain friends, I tried to get her back, she said no, we went NC for a few months while I was working through my depression.

I saw her at a gathering a few months after the breakup and while it was awkward, it was civil enough. In light of what she told me during the breakup, I did not know whether to interpret her cordiality as her being open to a reconciliation, or simply being friendly.

A month passed by and I saw her again at another event. She was extremely cold and even slightly rude to me. I later found out that she was asking around if I was dating someone and was convinced that I was (in fact, I had some casual dates and was out with a female friend along with one of my ex's friends).

If I wanted a reconciliation, did I ruin it by dating and being friendly with women in front of my ex's friends? I would take my ex back, but I feel she is the one who should make the move since she dumped me and spurned my initial attempts at reconciliation. Perhaps I am being prideful, but how healthy of a relationship would be if she knew she could dump me at anytime and I would always come crawling back. I also wanted to get better and keep my options open by dating again.

However, given my ex's cold response, I am starting to feel as though I possibly made a mistake by dating before I knew for certain what my ex's intentions were?

What do ladies and even gents think? Thanks.
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Thanks all for the comments.

I will most likely see the ex again in a few weeks at an event. I am concerned that she will try to make me upset again by either completely giving me the cold shoulder or bringing some dude so she can throw that it my face.

Should I continue to be gracious/take the high road and give her a quick smile/nod/wave hello if we make eye contact, or ignore completely?

Up until now, whenever I bump into her, I always initiate and approach her with a hello.
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I am starting to think that I should avoid the event where my ex will be. After all, I could do something else that night.

Since her last chilly reception and given the fact that she thinks I am dating someone when I am not, I am concerned she will have something else up her sleeve to make me feel bad. She may show up with a dude and be all over him in front of me.

I feel better when I don't see or hear of her. But, then my friends may be disappointed.

Any suggestions?
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So, my ex saw me sitting with an attractive female friend at an event the other night. I smiled and waved at the ex, and she did smile back. However, there was no interaction after that and she did not stay for the after event party at a local bar. I don't know if this is because she didn't want into run into me and who she probably thought was the girl I am dating. Ladies, did I blow my chances of any reconciliation?

Ladies, did I make a mistake by dating when I wanted my ex back
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