Still (deeply) in love with my ex

It's been 4,5 months since we broke up from our 3,5 year relationship. We used to be besties and 2 months after we got together we fell in love - both of us.

Our first year was probably the best out of our couple. Everything went so well. Like for example, we both went on the same school trip to Paris and we ended up kissing under the rain.

However gradually we started to argue quite a bit. Everything ended on the 1rst January 2013. It was a mutual break up at that point, both of us felt it would be the right thing to do.

On the 1rst February, ex tells me to not contact here until I come back from my trips. After 2 months into my trip abroad ex contacts me. Doesn't contact me until I get to Santiago in Chile when she sends me "[...] I don't care what you say to this but I still really miss you and spending time with you". At this point she's had a new boyfriend for 2 months or so.

It really did annoy me that she would call up late at night asking me questions about her new couple like "He wants me to move in with him what do I tell him?".

I remember back then I wasn't as sad of losing her. I had another girl on my mind 24/7 and it felt like I had moved on ... finally.

It's only when I came back to London that I felt that something big was missing from my life - my EX.

I still really do love her and I want her back.

I've told her that I still LOVE her and I'm now starting NC (No Contact).

P.S she has told me a few weeks back that her new boyfriend is heading back to his home country and there isn't a big chance they can stay together.


Don't tell me it's an ex and I should get over it.


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  • Don't be lazy if you love her go and get her and tell her that you still in love with her if she says no keep on asking her never give up on true love.

    • We met up a few days ago, on the same day I came back from all my travels. We went for a few drinks and I told her I was still incredibly in love with her.

      Now today I called her up to see if she wanted to head to the park as friends (so that I could really have a good talk with her) and she said no she was heading to the gym and was busy tonight. She then called me up again saying that she wants me to talk with her new boyfriend to talk about "stuff" ...

    • she likes someone else maybe you should just date somebody else . wait when you told her that you are still in love with her what did she say?

    • She didn't say anything. She just stood there. Anyway I know I still have some love lingering but to be very honest she doesn't cut it any more. I'm heading to Paris to meet another girl soon and she seems to know how to treat men adequately and not bed for her own selfish happiness just because she is of the female gender.

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