Is this still sexual assault even if the person is "special?"

I know this sounds a little silly, but this has been bothering me for awhile.

On my way to school one day I had met up with this "nice" guy who happened to be going to a city bus stop to go to school. Usually his mother is there to take him, but he was alone this time around.

To get to my bus stop I had to go through an alley and that's where he would be going around that time. Well we met up together and it starts off how it would normally with a hello, how you doing type thing.

Ive always known he was a little "off" but due to me having a brother who was the same It didn't bother me. So he and I are walking, and then all of a sudden he asks me to give him a hug. I thought it was a little odd, but before I can even stop to do anything he pulls me into his arms and begins to grind on me extremely hard. It shocked me so I tried to break away from him, but the more I pushed away the harder his grip tightened. At this point I'm freaked out and when I actually do break free he catches me again and pulls tighter. I'm panicked at this point because I didn't know what he was capable of.

Thankfully a man was walking toward us and he could tell I was bothered. He managed to tell the boy to leave me alone, but even then the boy kept trying to follow me. It got to the point where I screamed at him to leave me alone. It took about a few tries but he ended up leaving.

I know it sounds odd but it scared me to the point where I would wait a few minutes to leave home so I wouldn't encounter him anymore.

I never told my mom, but a few people I could trust. Still they think it was harmless, but my question is, If it was a regular guy what would it be then? The boy was smart and its not like he didn't know what he was doing, he was well aware.

Someone fill me in on this.


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  • There was NOTHING random or innocent or OK with this- in any way. This was NOT a harmless event. I have no idea what is wrong with your friends.

    It was indeed sexual assault, even if it did not end in actual rape. It is fortunate for you that someone just happened to come along.

    I would definitely avoid him. Do not be afraid to tell your parents- but if you choose not to for some reason still- be sure to do so should you ever lay eyes on him again... especially if he tries to approach you. I would take ANY approach at this point to be completely unacceptable... even if he attempts to apologize. Tell him to stay FAR away or you WILL notify the police.

    If you want my opinion, they should be notified anyway... immediately. It is just a matter of time before he tries it again on you... or someone else... and perhaps with a weapon. You can stop a rapist- or something worse- before he gets that far. Don't forget- whenever they catch serial killers it's pretty common for people to say, "but he seemed OK... a normal guy... maybe just a little off..."

    Go to the authorities. If you know his name or ANYTHING about him, tell them. What he did WAS a crime. Once you have done that, go find yourself some new friends.


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  • file a report with the police. he has no right to touch you. the police will deal with it appropriately

  • If you think he is dangerous, then you need to tell your parents. They may be able to contact the boys parents, and get the boy, the help he needs before he does something worse. Even if he isn't dangerous, his parents need to be made aware of his actions, before it gets him into trouble.


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  • It's really messed up, I mean what if he did this to a child? You just happened to say hi and he saw you from time to time. Also how do you know you are the only one? He could be doing this to other girls that are also embarrassed or confused by this. I would tell someone what happened that is an authority like a parent a teacher or a police officer. Luckily that guy was there to stop the attack and you are an adult, God forbid he does this to an unsuspecting child! This is so messed up.


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