He didn't mention his girlfriend...why?

My ex-coworker and I exchanged numbers (after he told me about his hectic schedule) but I askged again he asked for it. Keep in mind I haven't shown any romantic interest in him EVER so he has no idea I am into him. HE then hinted at coffee and said he'll text me (he texted me his #). A few weeks later after from not hearing from him I texted him and we had a innocent convo-I then dropped a hint that I wanted to see him (now he knows I might be into him? idk!). He never answered. Then 2 weeks later I texted that I heard he was in the store and it got me thinking that we should get coffee. He dodged that part and only commented on the part where he said he "looked" for me and didn't see me. I later find out (from his worker) that he has a girlfriend that he's 50% committed to. He also told his co-worker that he couldn't get her number because his girlfriend wouldn't like it. 1) Is him ignoring my texts a sign of rejection because he realized I might be into him and why didn't he mention her to me? by the way, he told his manager about me that "man, if I didn't have a gf..." and how pretty he found me, etc. by the way, I will not hang out with him because he has a girlfriend, I am just curious


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  • move on

  • he doesn't like you, so I don't see the issue. he wasn't going to talk about his girlfriend if you never asked about it.

    • Makes no sense. Don't even think you read the whole ? Or else you would have noticed how he mentioned his girlfriend to someone else and not me

    • i did, like I said, you didn't ask him did you? so he didn't say. you don't know in what context he told the other person about his girlfriend. point is, it doesn't matter if he had a girlfriend or not. if he digged you he would have asked you out. I had the same situation but the guy actually answered all my text and wanted to go out with me for coffee and such. he broke up with the girl for me. just saying, "she's pretty" doesn't mean anything. he can just be nice. my point is, if he wanted you, he do it.

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