A chance he is still thinking about me?

I try to make it short: I almost got together with a guy...didnt work out because of the distance but kept in contact for a while and had an affair, after a little fight he broke up contact with the words: You deserve better and I'm sry blablabla...after a few weeks I just called him and we were cool again. But contact was really rare...when I was tryin reach out for him he stepped back, when I did he wrote thing like: You will always be a big part of my life.

we┬┤re not in contact now- I blocked him s I'm disaponted..but he never tried to call me or anything... I can't forget about him (but I don't feel raedy to get in touch, if so I would)

Im just wondering if it was all just sh*t talk or if there is a tiny chance, that he still consider it as something special, like the way I do


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  • If I understand correctly... you were about to get together with a guy who suddenly broke it off using the "u can do better" excuse (which is just an excuse by the way, tho nothing personal). Then you initiated contact & managed to stay in touch with each other despite how he seemed to be "stepping back" from pursuing anything further. Only when you did the same did he voice your importance in his life. Yet became disappointed and blocked all communications from him when he failed to prove such by his actions (not calling u, etc). If this was the case, It doesn't make sense that you would block him if he was special to u... UNLESS you only did it in hopes it would get him to call you (which it didnt). Therefore wondering if he was just talking sh*t the entire time about how he felt about u, which in this case believe he became discouraged to do anything once you blocked him & your plan that it would get the response from him you wanted backfired. If you hope to have something with this guy then the ball is in your court to do something (not his since you blocked him). Its very possible he still thinks about you but men fear rejection more than anything else & blocking him only gives the impression you no longer want to hear from him AT ALL! If this isn't true then you need to come clean and let him know how you really feel (without seeming too desperate that is & causing him to further step back). I would start by UNBLOCKING & sending him a message, maybe even ask him out (u owe him that much after having totally cut him off!). Whether or not he accepts your invitation and/or suggestions (if your not feeling brave enough to ask him out), will at least be able to gage his level of interest based on how he responds to u. Hope I have helped & please let me know if I went in the right direction with your situation as well as how it turns out! I happen to be in a similar situation with a guy I'm interested in, lol. Thanks & good luck! ;)

    • thanks for your answer. It was alittle bit different: First he stepped back what we had contact still regularly. The fight had nothing to do with it...I was always confused by his signals, sometimes he were calling me in the middle of the night sayin things like I'm marriage material, than didn't answering my messages for a very long time. Yeahh I kinda tried to test him, when I blocked him. Bc when he broke it up and I called, he thought it was very cool that I had the courage to call. why cant

    • he? He was about to move into another country due that time, and I just couldn't watch him leave on the internet- that's why I blocked him. I'm not afraid of a rejection, but the whole things really made me struggle back than and finally I got things back in order...so I'm a little bit scared if I take the chance it may start over again at the other side I really just like to know how he is doin

    • i just wrote him. lol hope he is not replying with: hey I'm good iv got a girlfriend now, what's good with you? ha ha well just saw he really moved, there will really no way we will see each other again, so there is not a lot to loose. what's your story?

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