Will he really stop cheating?

Me and boyfriend have been.togther 2.years we were engaged but I called iy off I discovered he'd been cheating well we talked but the female will not stop texting him even after I told her how it was she said I was a non factor how,do I get her to stop


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  • If you think a solution to stopping him cheating on you is to remove her then youve got another thing coming. If the character flaw was there for him to cheat once, it will still be there when another woman comes along.

    You have to change him. Not her.


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  • That's not even right but he should be the one that should stop the texting if anything. Honestly I don't think he's ready to settle with you. Currently I don't think he will stop the cheating with other females he's young.

    • He has stopped she's just pissed off that he won't respond we have been through a lot were.both 24 we just hit a rough patch I don't even know if I should forgive...idk why she keeps doing this

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