Have you ever been told a false flaw about you?

Let me start with an example

So imagine that one day you're eating dessert and you spot some blueberries and say to her "Those look like your eyes" and both of you laugh and joke about it.

Then a week later, that girl is breaking up with you. You ask her why and she doesn't want to explain the real reason so she brings out a fake fault about you. Just to make things easier for her to explain.

She says to you "It's because you said those blueberries look like my eyes"

This is just an example of course but my main point is, if you're breaking up with someone, at least have the decency to explain to them the real reason and what their flaw is.

We don't want people correcting themselves in areas they are already good at. This makes them overdo it and that becomes their real flaw.


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  • i like your profile pic! soul eater is my favorite anime! and a false flaw that I've been told is that I'm "stuck up" or "snoobish" I guess its because I'm guarded and I don't trust easily but even so I'm nice to everyone I meet! a lot of my friends say that before they really got too know me they thought I was stand-offish. I don't think its me I think its my environment because I don't talk or act like most of the people I know. that's what makes it false because I'm different people naturally assume there is something wrong. :P

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      Well what I meant was if someone was breaking up with you, they would give you a reason that doesn't even bother them about you at all. They would hide the real and bigger problem in order to protect themselves from a long explanation or possible argument.

      Do imagine you smoke and you made someone jealous. He would break up with you because he got jealous but his fake reason would be that it's because you smoke.

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  • no that has never happened to me.


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