How can I give he reassurance?

I met this great guy about a week ago and I think he's afraid to be in a relationship because he's been cheated on in the past because he keeps asking me if I'll cheat on him. I don't believe in cheating, so how can I make him see that and believe me. I think we need to getto know each other more before being in a relationship but I'm not sure how I can build that trust with him.
Im Also wondering if I make more of an attempt to be with him will that show him that I only want him or would he think I'm being clingy. I mean he always asks me to hang out but when I ask him to come over to my house he just says he will when he can because he works a lot and I understand that he's tired after work and it makes it easier for me to just come over. I just have never had a boyfriend and I want this to work, I just don't know if I'm doing everything I can to make it work.


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  • You really can't at the end of the day. You can do the obvious things like not be flirty with other boys and be where you say you will be and when you will be...but in the end, it's his issue he has to work through.

    • That makes sense, and now I'm kinda understanding more because for whatever reason he's always asking me where I am before he'll ask to hang out. I just thought that was weird but I get it now. My brothers girlfriend cheated on him and he won't even let her talk to guys and I'm the type if I was with a guy and he told me not to talk to any guys he would be gone because I don't think anyone should tell you who you can talk to, and the guy I date I feel we should have enough trust for one another

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    • Well just make sure that his issues don't become controlling of you. You don't want that.

    • I know. I have some issues of my own to sort of work through. But I believe everyone deserves a fair chance and if he wants to talk to me about it I'll listen and try my best to make it work. I like to help people in any way I can. If texting him every place I go is what he needs then I'll do that, just whatever it takes I'll do, not because he's controlling me but because I'm willing to work with him and do what it takes to make this relationship work.

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