Signs of immaturity/doucheyness?

I started working at my job early this year. This one guy has been at school so he just started coming back to work. I met him last month and he seemed like an annoying jock.

We worked two days together. He was fine for a while and then he called me "lady" and such. I told him I had a name. While a few of us were standing around, he started bragging about being on the football team in college and how much he was eating to "maintain his body." And started showing off shouting at his uncle who came by.

Yesterday he came up to me to ask for a favor and then when I said no, he joked around with me saying he was going to "tell on me."

The woman I was working with was like, "wow he has a crush on you."

I didn't even see these things until I caught him looking at me throughout the day. He said to two guys, "these two, beautiful young ladies can take you there." And at the end of the day he was addressing me and my friend but she got shoved to the side during the conversation and he was directly talking to me. Usually the guy likes her.

Is this guy just a total ass and immature? What's his deal?


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What Guys Said 1

  • No duh he likes you. Some guys try the macho douche bag approach to get girls cause society has pictured men to act this way to get the attention of a female. I have heard that negative feelings associated with a person makes the male more attractive. In my experience this does work sometimes. Tell him nicely he is being a total ass and maybe he will change. Answer mine please


What Girls Said 1

  • shoved to the side...thats really rude and immature. if that girl was me id be so uncomfortable and insecure and yea a real man shouldn't treat any girl that way. when you're talking to a group you should address everyone politely.

    i wouldn't take him seriously if I were u. guys like that, its like playing with fire.


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