How can I get my ex to want me back?

So 6 months ago I broke up with my long term boyfriend because I found out he was cheating on me, lying to me, and an all around scumbag. It broke my heart, but what hurt even more was that he wasn't sorry and was happy that he hurt me. He labeled me as "dirty laundry" and bashed me on the internet.

Suddenly for the past few days I've been getting snapchats from him calling me "cutie" and what not. Now he wants to go for a walk tonight and "talk". I'm guessing he wants to say sorry. But when I finally see him, I want him to think "Damn, that's what I messed up...". I'm not trying to rekindle anything cause I don't want to get hurt, I just want to regret what he did.

What are some things I can do to make my ex wish he had me back? PLEASE HELP


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  • The best route to take is to be classy about this and not sit around and plot a revenge tactic like an angry 14 year old.

    I think being classy and mature about the situation will make him regret what he did. Hopefully you don't fall for any of his bs and take him back either... That would ruin the point of making him see what he missed out on.

    I wouldn't give this guy the time of day, or the pleasure of going for a walk with you after all he did, but do what you want.


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  • If you go to see him he won't think that you messed up. Guys that treat you wrong, take you making contact after breaking up as you showing interest. If you try to make yourself look hot to make him miss you he'll think that you are trying to impress him. Best thing is to leave him alone and he'll get regrets all on his own by thinking his own thoughts. Don't waste your time.

  • dont play that game. ujust let it go


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