What to do with an ex boyfriend, I want to be with?

My ex boyfriend and I have been broken up for a year. We both just graduated college, We are both 22 and I can see a future with us. My ex boyfriend does not want to be tied down right now and has his mind on different things, fitness, a job, and nutrition. I just found out really shocking news that him and his family will be moving to North Caroline for 3 months because the cost of living where I live is too expensive and the family has been struggling. When I ask my ex boyfriend if there is a future, he says if its meant to be it will be and he is living in the present right now and he said so should I. I care about him so much and have dated others, but feel as though he is the one for me. I am unsure if he will potentially be staying in NC for good or his family will not like it and move back home. What should I do when he is in NC? I feel as though he is confused and not ready again for a 4 year commitment. I also feel as though he never said to me that he never wants to be with me and said if we crossed paths again, we would have to see.
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  • Jealously overwhelming... just choose some guy that actually wants to date right now. There are plenty of them; I know from experience.


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