Why is my ex doing this to me?

So me and my ex were together for a little over a year, we wanted to get married, get a place together and have kids together. but we had a messy goodbye. He brought up everything we fought about in the past and we argued for hours and he was constintaly calling me a b***h. He said he didn't love me said he hated me, never wanted to see me and burned our bridge. He broke up with me becase he said we didn't work and he didn't want to lose me and wanted to save our friendship. I said I didn't want to be friends because I couldn't stand seeing you move on while I was still in love and I was hoping for a civil goodbye; or a one day we'll be friends again thing. NOPE... He then texts me 2weeks later drunk cussing at me calling me names tells me he's got his friends back trying to get a reaction outa me. I left his guy alone. Well about 2 more weeks pass and I saw my ex drive by my work place today; which me and my co-worker both thought was weird because our work place is away from traffic and "kinda" on a dead end. I looked at my coworker and laughed because it was outa my ex's way and wierd. Then with in 2-3min he drives back. My coworkers joked said he's stalking you; and that he wanted to see me. My ex then circles the block and drives back with his hat in his hand hanging out the moon roof and he throws it in front of my workplace. My male coworkers are like family to me and don't like how he treated me so they threw their cig's in the hat. They stopped me from grabbing the hat and giving it to his grandma to give back to him. Well my break ended and I rush back to work one of my male coworkers cheched to see if the hat was still there within less than 10-15min and comes up to me and says the hats gone. My ex then texts me trying to scrug off the cig burns in his hat. My ex made a 4th drive by my work to get his hat and

said dropping it wasn't on purpose. FOUR times driving by my workplace? And then I go on Facebook and he sent me a friend request from his fake account. WTF? Why is he doing this? What does he want from me?


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  • Okay...calm down and knock off the crazy before you drive yourself insane.

    So as I gather, since you glossed over it, you were seeing one of his friends? Is that the guy you left alone after he called and yelled at you? If that's the case, he's pissed that you were trying to see one of his friends. Rightfully so.

    Being pissed at you, he's trying to mess with you. If he knows you well, then he knows what buttons to push. And he's also fishing for information. He wants you to feel as bad as he does. Stay away from him. Don't contact him. Don't give him any information. Stay away from his friends. Create a completely new life for yourself.

    • No I wasn't seeing any of his friends or trying to. When I said friends I meant a female friend who was his ex that we constantly fought about because she was causing me and my ex problems. My ex is the one I left alone after the breakup and my ex was also the one who cussed at me.

    • Okay, then the second part of my comment stands. Just stay away from him. Block him on social networks, don't talk to him, don't have any interaction with him. He will try and get you to respond for a while, then he'll get tired of you not responding and he'll find someone else.

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