He refuses to talk about other girls? Why would he act like this?

My ex dumped me about 6 months ago, because he was under heavy stress and said he couldn't deal with a relationship. The stress is real, I understand that now. I was upset for about a month but pulled myself together and I moved on, so did he. I heard he was going out and flirting with girls but refusing to date them. I'm over him, it's okay. We were best friends for a long time before but now we don't talk.

But I was at a mutual friend's house a couple of months after the break up and they were all talking about how lately whenever they talk about girls and how they want to pick a girl up or try and ask a girl out, he'd bow his head and avoid the conversation. He doesn't go out and flirt anymore. He even looked a bit upset.

Just wondering what this could mean out of curiousity? Why would a guy act like this? I have a soft spot I will admit but I know not to get back together.


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  • The breakup could be catching up to him. Or it could just be he's been feeling down for other reasons and flirting isn't top priority.

    Though, like Paolo said, your gut is usually right. If you're concerned for him, reach out to him and see how he responds. Even if nothing comes of it, the caring words and support won't be wasted.

    • Thanks for BA!

    • Thanks for the good answer!

    • lol no prob

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  • Well Darling, I must admit that when you two separated that you took a piece of him.

    Deep down you feel it, and that female intuition is most likely spot on. He misses you and what you both had. Sad it ended in such a way. Yet, if its important too you, then try reaching out as a friend. There could also be other issues occurring in his life. Maybe just a random text saying "How have you been stranger?" or just something to spark a convo. Or you could call him on the phone (people like when old friends call out of the blue). Either way he's really going to appreciate it.

    Sometimes we (guys) just don't realize what we're missing until its gone. When its gone we try to soldier on, but sometimes our emotions just get the best of us. Yet soldier on we will try.

    It will work out fam, and all will be well I am sure of it :D

    Just keep your head up girl and stay golden.

    Your online bro,



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  • I think you're trying to think into it too much. It could just have been that he was having a bad day or thinking about something else.


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