Why can't I see all his pics?

This guy I like very much (who flirts and teases me ) recently brought in his iPad to this place we happen to hang out at (we both go there alone without friends). He was showing eeruone his pics, including ones with his ex girlfriends etc at places. He had no problem showing everyone EXCEPT me. For some reason, he would only let me see scenic pics or of things. IF I caught a glance of someone it was a split second and the person was so tiny in the pic and he didn't explain. Other girls bragge to me tht he has no problem showing them.

I'm not jealous or weird. Just curious. Is it something I'm missing here?
This has happened before and when I asked why he just blushed and said "just cuz."


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  • You're not valued in the same way as they are. Perhaps he doesn't see you as a friend.


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  • I think you're reading too much into this. If he flirts with you and teases you it means he probably likes you. He probably has a load of embarrassing selfies on there that he doesn't want you seeing as he would get embarrassed. He may think you may not like him after you see the pictures. I've took embarrassing pictures of myself pulling odd faces when I'm bored that I wouldn't want someone I like seeing ha ha ^.^

    • He's openly said that he is embarrassed if I see those pics. Other girls he shows it's like it's no big deal.

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