How to handle this behavior ? Please help

Try to make it short:

There is a guy I really care about and he probably does so too.

every time we write he tells me he misses me, that he had to think about me and we have something special blablabla

But it is most of the time me, who initiates contact. But it would make no sense, if he is just sayin it to hold me in the line, Because I moved and there is a huge distance- I even doubt we will see ach other again.

Although I know it is senseless I'm kinda hoping there will be a back together- but this thought is kinda unhealthy. ( I would have to move to another continent :-))

But for some reason, after everything which went wrong, I still have the feeling we belong together.

I have got the feeling that he really menas it, but why is the first move always on me?


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  • When a guy really has a girl on his mind, he is the one to initiate contact.


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