Have you faced this kind of behavior, that after you

have broke up, after the relationship, or something turned out badly. You are not really looking for a rebound, but you feel yourself confident, independent and don't want to get in to a new relationship or date somebody, for the reason of getting hurt again. Have at this time the opposite sex becomes very interested in you? When you at the same time don't want a relationship and at the same time possibly want your ex back or the love is not gone yet and you still have the feelings. I am in this position now, last Friday I kind of broke up with the girl and we vere not in the relationship officially, but have been chatting for a year - LDR. And I have feelings for her, as we have known each other since 2010. And always felt chemistry towards each other. it seemed that she found somebody else - as the reason I stopped all contacts. And in 3 days I spoke with 4 girls and got 3 phone # and spoke with one of the girls, which I find attractive. At work other 2 girls which I used to chase seemed to be interested, or showed interest in me. And my attitude is like I don't give a sh*t, for the reason of the feelings. I had the same experience before after the previous horrible break up.


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  • Yea, that´s classic, every time you don´t want anything to do with anyone interested in a relationship, the people seem to be drooling around you and apparently for no reason... My guess is some people like to be treated be people who don´t give a sh*t jajajaj

    I have also found this happening while dating someone but that person far away, and guys would be all over me.. Sometimes it can be annoying, but just try to enjoy it and get together with friends, that helps :)

  • exactly how I feel right now


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